You Are Enough. Always!

When considering a name for my practice, I spent time reflecting on my own life journey and tried to discern the core message that was missing from my early life. I have had my lion’s share of challenges and am fortunate in recent years to have been lovingly supported to work through them. It was through my own journey that I arrived at the wonderful, though sometimes painful realization, despite everything, that I AM ENOUGH. When I thought about what key message I wish every person could know, really know, it was that they were enough too. And so, the name for my practice was revealed.

At You Are Enough, I work with you to develop your therapy plan based on what works best for you. I integrate traditional therapy approaches with Body-Mind-Spirit connection; Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy; Hakomi ~ Mindfulness-based Assisted Self-Discovery; and, Energy work.

Colleen Pringle MSW, RSW, C.Hyp.

Types of Therapy

Person-Centred; Attachment-based; Experiential Therapy; Trauma Informed; Somatic; Holistic; Mindfulness; Clinical Hypnosis; Cognitive Behaviour Therapy; Hakomi; Strengths-based; Reiki; Culturally Sensitive; Eclectic; Compassion Focused; Solution Focused.